Sutton has proved that he paid for Rinner’s gala tickets

RHOBH Recap: Sutton fights with Lisa for gala tickets to Harry's dinner, to Erica Sutton

In this episode Beverly’s real housewife Mountains, DoritBodyguards and security guards have been at his home since the theft. The boarded-up door is a constant reminder of what happened. Despite the trauma the incident left behind, scared and PK Decided that they have to move on with life and wait Of Harry Hamlin Upcoming 70sM Birthday party

Kyle Gets congratulations by Rina To be the number one film in the country, Halloween, And the women toast the good news. Speaking of the good news, Rina shares it Erica She told him she was in a much better place now. Despite its unresolved issues Sutton, Erica loves life. Riner also has unresolved satin issues. She is still angry that Sutton called her and Harry Hamlin Watch Live What Happens. Rina informs Kyle that Sutton has made a bad choice by bringing Harry into the girl fight, but nonetheless, Sutton will be present at his party.

Pancake cake – something made by Sutton. Sutton brings crystals to give some samples of this creation, which are really 20 layer thin crepes, and catch. Sutton claims that even though he called Rina on live TV, he “loves” Rina and doesn’t want any bad wishes. According to Reina, Harry Hamlin sent a text to Sutton to stop the rumor, and Sutton never responded. So much for being polite with the right etiquette …

As soon as Rina was fascinated, she talked to Harry Hamlin about the newcomer whom he had invited to the dinner party. Rina says Diana Jenkins She is 48 and has a baby at just 47! Well, it’s definitely something unusual. Erica over, she’s still there MikeyHer creative director, her side, and her glam team are judging her, so I guess she’s not fighting so financially, is she?

Once Harry Hamlin and Rina arrive at the restaurant, they begin the laborious process of arranging seating. Rina puts Sutton at the end of the dinner table, purposefully, in the hope that she won’t bring up the latest drama, but Rina rarely knows that Kyle is already busy solving some of the other issues that are forced to come to the fore when the mood warms up.

During the ride over, Kyle wonders to Dorit how strangely Sutton behaved right after Dorit’s theft. “When you were going through all of this, he posted a picture of Thirsty Thursday,” Kyle tells Doritt. The funny thing is that Sutton is called for what he posts, yet hardly anyone had anything to say when Erica was posting suggestive pictures at the height of her investigation. But let’s talk about being sensitive, what do we do? The way to move the pot, Kyle. He said Sutton was not very sympathetic to Dorit’s current situation and Dorit was shocked to hear this information.

Erica, dressed in her leather attire, was the first to attend the party. Harry reminds Erica that since his former picture is out, he is now the oldest man at the party. When Erica suggests a threesome, things quickly become uncomfortable, yet Harry Hamlin doesn’t say no … to break the awkwardness, Garsell Spaghetti makes its way into the bolognese menu to find out. Rinner is talking about an excavation! He knows how to play the game, Emirate ??

Sutton goes inside and he finds himself in the hot seat relatively quickly. The excitement is thick and the air kisses are fake. When Garcel tells Sutton to go “there and small breasts” to Erica, Sutton laughs at it, but we already know that things are going south.

Enter Diana and her fianc, Asher. Diana Jenkins has another distinctive accent, a La Dorit, and she lives a big, rich life. He claims to be unrelated and touts his much younger fiance to women like a piece of meat. Erica meets Diana and is already planning how to achieve the wealth that seems to be following Diana around.

For some reason, Pique believes it’s the right conversation to discuss the value of his stolen valuables at dinner (“My most expensive watch was $ 60 grand,” to which Rina replies, “It’s nothing!”). We also learn that Diana was actually with him Kim Kardashian Just before in Paris She Rina gives a speech for 70-year-old Harry Hamlin, and the men excuse themselves from the table, leaving the women to face the obvious.

Sutton starts talking about elephants in the room. She tells Rina that she “talked too much” and that she didn’t want to hurt anyone when she did. WWHL. Rina does the opposite of accepting forgiveness and doubles down. Rina reports that Sutton cancels her table at the event and Sutton leaves her, and Harry Hamlin is embarrassed and shakes for a ticket. Sutton makes it very clear that he will not cancel a table and will issue a receipt.

When Diana calls it classless to show the receipt, Rina agrees (surprised). Sutton is not backing down and calling it a slander. He puts it on his readers and lets the public know the truth: $ 11,500 paid for the satin table. Duration. Crystal Jumps in and introduces Diana as an underwriter for a charity event. Rina believes that there is something wrong with Sutton’s “sympathy meter” because she is more upset about it than being snatched at gunpoint by their dear friend.

Kyle, I guess, doesn’t want to be that provocative, trying to get women to a neutral place, and as the situation seems to be getting worse, Erica asks Sutton to apologize. To this, Sutton replies, “You’re not getting one. Because I don’t like you.” It spreads out when Erica tells Sutton to “go yourself” and Sutton returns the instruction. The scariest part is how Erica shivers throughout the fight.

When Garcel gestures to leave because the fight is becoming ridiculous, Rina brags, “I don’t want to make it big.” He is the biggest liar. Rina and Sutton embrace it because Sutton simply “loves” Rina and just like that, the world’s most fake reunion is over.

Later, we get a glimpse of Diana’s life. Her house is busy with help and she explains that she has about five to six houses where she usually travels. Diana has a one-year-old daughter and a 22-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter. He explained that he was 19 when the war broke out in Bosnia, and that he was determined to build a better life for himself. When she met her ex-husband, Diana quickly loaded up, as her ex was one of the richest bankers in the world.

Now, after being “unmarried” for “five minutes”, Diana’s fiance is 15 years younger than her (she’s 33 years old, do the math), and she can be just as happy even if people don’t know if she’s her boyfriend or her son.

Kyle meets Sutton in his shop and the women discuss Sutton’s upcoming Paris-themed event. After a short talk, Kyle tells Sutton that he can’t help but wonder how selfish Sutton was the day after he stole the dormitory. He called Sutton’s response “very strange.” Sutton calls Kyle weird for remembering it, and he apologizes for not remembering and is busy. Kyle doesn’t understand what Sutton is on a planet when Sutton denies it and talks about how he doesn’t deal well with guns and theft. Sutton reminds Kyle that he was robbed when he was 14 and his father shot himself, but Kyle tells Sutton that it’s not about him. Kyle wants to know how Sutton can be so sensitive about the whole thing. But Sutton can’t easily see what he did wrong.

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