Sutton of RHOBH has condemned Erica Jane for being “disrespectful”

Sutton Strack of RHOBH says Erica should be "Shame on you" Tossing Garcel's book, Tox Aspen and Reveals singer she is for it "Kind of obsessed" With

Sutton streak Not happy with Erica Jane.

Although women have not come close in recent years The real housewife of Beverly HillsSutton was particularly annoyed by his costume when he saw the co-star throw away Garcel BeauvaisRecently published books, Love me as i amIn the trash.

“We all have differences and we all have moments where we don’t like each other and we get angry with each other. But then we all have moments where we need to love each other again, most of us, ”Sutton teased Season 12 of the May 18 episode of Access Hollywood. Housewife nightcap. “I call it the season of forgiveness.”

Although Sutton said he had nothing to forgive Erica for, “besides calling [her] A very bad word, ”he said, adding that what he had done with Garsell was completely disrespectful.

“It simply came to our notice then. And it was completely disrespectful. Flat out. Disrespectful, “Sutton said.

It also goes against what Sutton believes RHOBH About.

“When I started this show, one of the things that fascinated me the most and actually enlightened me the most and inspired me the most was the group of women who were supporting each other and seeing someone throw a book in the trash. It’s a complete disgrace to have worked for so long. There’s no word for it but disrespect. And he should be ashamed of himself, “Sutton continued, urging his customer to” give it a go. ” [her] Neighbor. “

“If you don’t want to read … go and give it to the neighbor. Who is his neighbor? The people that eat people? Sutton shared, agreeing with the rumors around Army HammerWho was briefly associated with Erica last year.

When Sutton was asked if he believed Erica’s innocence in his legal drama, he did not hesitate.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s not one! “He confirms.” No, I don’t, no. I can be soft on some things with Erica. I can be soft. But at the end of the day, no, not a full believer. “

For Cast’s upcoming trip to Aspen, which was headlined for weeks due to a rumor Kathy Hilton And claiming to be around Erica’s drinking, Sutton likens the journey to a trip down a hill.

“I don’t ski … I think when we see it, it’s like putting me on a ski,” he explained. “You’re going downhill very fast and God help us so we can get to the bottom of it and we all survive because I’ll be skiing in Aspen.”

Also during the interview, after the joke that breaks up with all her boyfriend ” [her]Because “something went wrong [her]Sutton has admitted to liking the country’s singer Colton Wall.

“I think he has a girlfriend so I don’t want to ruin a relationship or anything but this one singer … I’m kind of obsessed with her,” he shared. “I looked at him on the stage. She wasn’t looking at me but I was looking at her and I told her very seriously, ‘I’m going to see you.’ But he is 26 years old [and] I’m not a cougar. “

“So maybe I’ll introduce him to Porter. She is turning 20 tomorrow so this is a great birthday present, “added Sutton.

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