Sutton Strack on “Confusion” with Rinna Drama, Erica Update

RHOBH's Sutton Strack with Rinna Ticket Drama

Sutton streak He claims to have “one of the most exciting seasons” of all time The real housewife of Beverly Hills.

In a new interview, Sutton addressed a number of topics, including his rebooted Elton John Gala Feud. Lisa BrestWith his current relationship Erica JaneAnd mysterious warnings Garcel Beauvais To issue a trust to his new friend, Crystal Kung-Minkoff.

“I think we do a lot. We travel a lot. We leave Mexico and then go to Aspen. Finally there are so many parties, we have to go. We can go to restaurants without masks! We’re out of the world, ”Sutton Entertainment revealed tonight.

And, along the way, Sutton said he “learned a lot about the complexity of it [Lisa’s] The character “and his” ability to stand with her. “

As RHOBH As fans may have noticed, Lisa recently shared a series of photos of herself at Elton John Gala claiming that Sutton brought her in years ago and Harry Hamlin As a guest and explained that Sutton was “trying to be desperate.” RHOBHHe invited her and Harry to sit with him at a special party, although he said they were not his guests.

“Confusion, in many ways,” Sutton said after being asked about his customer’s latest rent.

“I let Lisa leave with things because I’m beautiful,” Sutton continued, noting that the gala drama was “old news.”

As his relationship with Lisa remains strained, Sutton suggests hope for her and Erica.

“Erica and I are both strong women and strong in our opinion, and that’s part of what I like, and part of what comes to my nerves. [But] I will say this: we are both following each other on Instagram, “he confirmed.

Because most of the cast was part of “Fox Force Five” when Garsell and Sutton were added to the show for Season 10, it looked like they formed a competitive friendship with Crystal when he was added to Season 11. However, according to Sutton, the closeness between him and his two co-stars was not intentional.

“It’s hard to get in – especially when it’s just me and Garsell – it was hard to get in,” he shared. “I think when you have a strong, group bond that women have established over the years, and then you have a group of women who are new, of course we’re going to bond together because it’s a normal thing. I want to be friends with everyone. . I want to be included. “

Although Sutton is close to both Garsell and Crystal today, there seems to have been a friction between Garsell and Sutton’s “new friend” Crystal during Season 12 because Garsell encouraged Sutton to be cautious.

“I always listen to Garsell,” he said of the comments. “He always puts my best interests first.”

Fans did not see Sutton as “more vocal” and not afraid to express their views, and even admitted to being “hotheads”, Sutton said he would reunite with the audience. Kathy HiltonWho was “thrown back into the arena” during a trip to Aspen.

“I think things get so bad there because you have to use that oxygen to breathe, so we’re all on oxygen, so our brains aren’t working normally,” Sutton joked about not being so comfortable. “That’s what I think.”

Also during the interview, Sutton was asked about newcomer Diana’s advice that she could be the show’s “new villain”.

“It’s going to be a very interesting scene to watch,” Sutton teased.

As for his relationship with Diana JenkinsSatin makes it clear they don’t stop.

“I don’t put him in the best friend character or category. However, Diana has surprised me personally and I respect that. “She is in the familiar category,” he explained.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 premieres at 8 / 7c in Bravo on Wednesday.

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