Sweetie Pie Shooter convicted, involving Tim Norman

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The STL today Report Travel Anthony Hill He pleaded guilty in court to firing on Friday Andre Montgomery Jr.. Hill was convicted in multiple counts of conspiracy and murder in 2016 to hire a 21-year-old former star. Welcome to Sweetie Pie. According to U.S. District Judge John A. Juice, Both counts carry mandatory life imprisonment. Andre’s killer could spend the rest of his life behind bars, but the tragic case is not over.

Prior to his death, Andre was a regular at reality shows about the St. Louis-based Soul Food Empire, started by his grandmother, Robbie Montgomery. Instead of focusing on expanding his mother’s business and helping his nephew Andre track his life, Tim alleged that he “wanted Montgomery dead”. The 30-year-old man confessed to fatally shooting Andre in exchange for a 5,000 payment. Plenty of evidence has gathered parts of this puzzle, but Hill has already admitted that part when calling his brother from prison.

The application involves the team as the mastermind who hired Therika Ellis, An exotic dancer who had previously dated Andre. They are both charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Detectives believe Tim paid 10,000 10,000 to lure Andre to his death and told Hill exactly where he was before the shooting. If killing his own relative wasn’t cool enough, Tim expected a salary of $ 450,000 from a life insurance policy he took on Andre. He and his insurance agent Wail Rev. Jaghnam They faced additional charges of wire and mail fraud for their life insurance plans, but the team was never able to successfully cash out the policy.

Evidence from Hill’s case paints a very different picture from what fans saw in the hit OWN series. Tim told Terika and others that he was He is believed to have stolen $ 200,000 from his nephew, Mrs. Robbie When interviewing Andre about a police break-in at a burglary, he told officers he thought the team had stolen cash, jewelry and other items. Andre also told them that Mrs. Robbie was working to remove the team’s name and access to Sweetie Pie’s business transactions. Four days after Tim was indicted, Hill shot and killed Andre.

It takes a sick and crippled man to snatch their mother or kill a nephew for money. Sadly, Tim appears to have been plotting to assassinate his late brother’s only child for quite some time. A year before the shooting, he adopted a nearly half-million-dollar policy with his nephew and made himself the sole beneficiary. If there’s any doubt about how cool and calculating the team can be, he’s been on camera for years, running reality shows until 2018. When fans heard the tragic news of his arrest, mourning clips on Andre’s death went viral.

“I drove my mother through the park to the place where Andre had lost his life because I hadn’t been there yet. I don’t think my mother was there. We have lost many family members on this road. Andre, late, and then before Andre, my dad. I haven’t been to this part of town since Andre. Really, I’m avoiding it, “he explained in an episode about his nephew’s death.

“Charles and I are the last children of this generation. We lost the whole family to the violence, you know, “Tim said during the reunion.

Tim and Terika’s trial is set to begin in September.

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