T-Pain applauds the Uber driver who claims he didn’t tip [Video]

T-pain He is denying allegations that he failed to give a tip Uber driver.

A post Reddit Recently it has gone viral, giving rise to controversy over the cheapness of the rich. In the original post, the publisher claimed that their mother Uber T-Pain and her “Lady Friend” had been around for almost two nights. Complaint, d “I Spring” The star drank from the driver’s “free mini-bar” and didn’t bother to tip.

The 37 years old TikTok addressed the claims in a series of videos where he shared screenshots of the actual post. T-Pain quickly clears the “female friends” section, saying that those women are his wife and assistant.

“Don’t try to draw it as if it’s just T-Pain and some B **** s spinning,” he said in one of the clips.

He further shared that he took multiple Uber, one of which was a man who took them to a restaurant. The man waited until they had finished eating and was willing to close his Uber app and run T-Pain all day. The singer was forced to pay $ 200 through CashApp, but the driver never cut the app, resulting in T-Pain being charged another $ 60. In another Uber, he found a driver known as “Mildred,” who was the subject of a Reddit post.

He denounced the “mini-bar” claim, explaining that he had wine in his bag for his fellow singers and their staff. T-Pain also offered screenshots that he really tipped Mildred.

Neither the Uber driver nor the Reddit author responded to his explanatory videos, so it looks like T-Pain’s story has the final word.

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