Take a look inside Jackie Goldsnyder’s $ 3 million home

Photo: RHONJ star Jackie Goldsnyder visits the ফ 3 million mansion in Tenfly, New Jersey and see pictures of his glitter room and backyard pool.

Jackie Goldsnyder And husband Evan Goldsnyder Share a stunning palace in Tenafly, New Jersey. And recently, several photos of the 5,651-square-foot home have been shared online.

As rumors of Jackie’s possible demise spread, fans are looking inside The real housewife of New Jersey The cast member’s house, which has a stunningly glamorous house and an oasis at the back of the house that must have been equipped with a pool.

In May, The Sun posted pictures of the abode. The couple has been living there with their four children since 2013 when they bought the 0.63-acre property, which is currently valued at approximately $ 3 million, $ 2.6 million.

RHONJ Jackie Goldsnyder Exterior of Tenafly House

The exterior of the house is white with stone accents.

Jackie and Evan have a great place to stay, including a fireplace and a flatscreen television.

RHONJ Jackie Goldsnyder Tenafly House Living Room

A large leather section and matching ottoman can be found in the living room.

In the dining room, where Jackie, who does not cook, prepares all his meals, a large table with 10 chairs.

RHONJ Jackie Goldsnyder Tenafly House Dining Room

Jackie and Evan’s dining room has textured wallpaper and a unique lighting fixture.

Outside the dining room is a white kitchen with window-framed dining area.

RHONJ Jackie Goldschneider Tenafly House Breakfast Nook and Kitchen

A few fun light fixtures can be seen in the kitchen and above the breakfast nook.

Jackie and Evan have a large master bedroom with a large bed and an even larger headboard.

RHONJ Jackie Goldsnyder Tenafly House Bedroom

The French doors in the master bedroom lead to a porch.

A walk-in closet outside the bedroom.

RHONJ Jackie Goldsnyder Tenafly House Closet

Wooden built-in master closet can be found.

Although Jackie and Evan’s office space is small, there is plenty of natural light available in Cuba.

RHONJ Jackie Goldsnyder Tenafly House Office

Jackie’s office has a small desk with drawers and a marble countertop.

Jackie’s house even has a piano bar lounge with blue velvet couch and the walls are covered with silver, glossy wallpaper.

RHONJ Jackie Goldsnyder House Bar Lounge

A $ 1,500 Yamaha piano that Jackie owned since childhood can be found in her glitter room.

Outside is a pool – and a view.

RHONJ Jackie Goldsnyder Backyard of Tenafly House

The backyard of Jackie and Evan’s can be seen in the surrounding greenery.

As RHONJ Fans may have heard that rumors about Jackie’s role in the upcoming 13th season of the series have been circulating since the end of season 12. And although Bravo has not yet confirmed or denied ongoing reports of Jackie’s resignation, his co-star, Frank CataniaSaid rumors were true when appeared The Morning Toast Podcast in May.

“I did not know for sure. [But] I went to dinner with Jackie and Evan the other night and yes, I heard yes, he’s a friend, “he said.

Also during the appearance, Frank said he heard Tracy Lynn Johnson Gone from the series. However, a few days later, he was seen filming with the cast.

The real housewife of New Jersey Season 13 is currently in production and is expected to return to Bravo later this year.

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