Tamara condemned Judge Teresa Goodis as “selfish,” as Sheds Jane

Tamra condemned Judge Teresa Goodis "Selfish" Bridemaid commented, saying RHONJ was the reunion "Extra," And call out "Conflicting" Jennifer Aiden

You are the judge There was a lot to say about The real housewife of New Jersey His reunion in a recent episode and Teddy MelankampIts podcast.

After watching Teresa Judis Conflict with Melissa Gorga And her husband, Joe GargaMelissa decides to leave her upcoming marriage Luis RuelasThe The real housewife of Orange County The star responded to Teresa’s suggestion that Melissa had a bad brother-in-law to include her as a bride in her marriage to Joe when she was pregnant.

“I had to rewind it,” Tamra admitted Two t in a pod.

As well as claiming Teresa should have waited for Melissa to give birth before her marriage, she confirmed that she would include Louise’s sisters in her marital party instead of Melissa.

“Her sisters … it’s weird to me,” Tamara noted. “And then for her to say, ‘I was in your marriage, yeah, but I was pregnant,’ as their marriage should have been pushed back, I was like, ‘You’re a selfish person, you really made this comment.’ It’s not about you, Teresa. It was about your brother and your aunt that day. “

Then, after pointing out that Melissa was not the only person who reprimanded Teresa, she agreed. The pain of Catania Tamra was met with a comment from Teddy, who was not invited to the December 2021 engagement party of Teresa and Lewis, who suggested that Dolores had failed to respond to Dis because of the reaction she could feel for doing so.

“Dolores have to do [act like she’s okay with snub] Because the alternative is going to be cruel, “Teddy noted.

I looked back at the fight RHONJ Reunion, Tamra said, is “holy show-tables” and he referred to the play as “many.”

“There were so many screams কিভাবে I couldn’t imagine how [Andy Cohen]কেমন How he reacts. It was too much, too much was talked about together, ”Tamra recalls.

Teddy, meanwhile, noted that Andy’s appreciation was clear, especially compared to his feelings for her Jennifer Aiden.

“You could say that Teresa has been a housewife for a long time and how much Andy loves her because he gives her so much more grace than he likes, maybe you can talk to her about how you see her. [Noella Bergener]”She’s shared. You can say she likes Teresa. I don’t think she loves Jane.”

“I don’t think I love Jane right now,” Tamara replied.

According to Tamra, she didn’t like Jennifer’s behavior at the reunion.

“Jane, just for the record, you’re as good as this week’s episode,” he said RHONJ The star “he keeps going inside. She tries to be conflicted about everything and it reminds me [Emily Simpson]”

Rumors are circulating about the upcoming 13th season RHONJTamra and Teddy suggest that Teresa may not be good at moving the show forward.

“It’s not good … if you have a cast member on the show that everyone is afraid of. If you can’t be like yourself, I don’t think Melissa can be herself. I don’t think Dolores can be herself because they’re afraid of Teresa, Tamra said.

“It simply came to our notice then. You have witnessed your behavior. How are you doing? ”Teddy wondered.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Tamra agreed.

The real housewife of New Jersey On Tuesday, May 17, the reunion of the 12th episode ends with the third episode at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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