Taurus Horoscope June 2022: Be Your True Man

You are finally getting rid of all the confusion, because your Taurus June 2022 is starting to be a beautiful note. On June 3, Mercury’s retreat in Taurus will finally end, which will give you a clearer view of yourself and what you think. Everything is slowly coming together, so give it a chance to reduce the chaos!

However, by June 11, you can get another surprise. As Venus joins Taurus in 16 degrees with Uranus, an unexpected change in your relationship may be revealed. You may want more freedom, especially if the people around you don’t give you the freedom you need to explore. Just because you were a person yesterday doesn’t mean you can’t be another person tomorrow! And when Mercury enters your strong second house on June 13, you are creating a strong sense of self-esteem, as well as stability in your finances.

However, the full moon in Sagittarius on June 14 can challenge your comfort zone. As it brings your intimacy and openness to the eighth house of collective meaning, you can understand where you start and another person will start. Without healthy boundaries and a strong sense of your limits, it is easy for external forces to drive you out. Protect your energy!

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Energy will be light by June 21 — the day summer begins! This will also encourage you to navigate the mixer and networking opportunities around you when Cancer season activates your social third house. Talk about your interests and discover new interests in the process. And once Venus enters the second house of your money and luxury, you will attract wealth and abundance like a magnet. This is a great time to shop and meet your materialistic urges, but don’t overdo it on your credit card either.

By June 28th, you’ll be sitting on the edge of a big Epiphany. When the Sun in Cancer is closing with Jupiter in your intimate 12th house, you are called upon to explore your spirituality and your imagination. Deep inside, a magical world exists inside you, so explore its farthest limits. A new moon in Cancer June 28 spreads electricity to the third room of your communication, you can feel driven towards an exciting new concept. You can even make new friends yourself, form deeper alliances with siblings, and become a positive influencer around you!

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