Teddi and Erika of RHOBH respond as a trend topic

Teddi Mellencamp says it all "Warm [Her] Heart" Erica should be a trending topic between the RHOBH episodes as a reaction and Kyle "Likes" Teddy's paparazzi photo in neck bandage

Teddy Melankamp In a new episode on Wednesday, Twitter responded that it was a trending topic The real housewife of Beverly Hills.

After joining Kyle RichardsPictured opening the store, Teddy told his fans and followers on his Instagram story that it was “warm.” [her] Hearts come for “the man who wanted” [her]”As badly as Erica Jane Responded to her post and Kyle was caught “liking” a picture of her ex-co-star and almost wearing a neck bandage.

“[Erika Jayne] We’re very lucky, “Teddy wrote in the caption of a screenshot of Wednesday’s trends, which included Erica and the show as a whole.

“[I’m] Not even on the show and it’s a weekly trend throughout. It really warms my heart that enough people want to come badly for me, “he added.

And in a response and re-sharing, Erica wrote, “I love you [Teddi Mellencamp]”With a laugh-cry emoji.

Teddi Mellencamp responds to trends during the RHOBH episode

In a second Instagram story, Teddy re-posted a message from a fan who praised his appearance. RHOBH Episode

“# 1 They didn’t just write that he was Kyle’s friend (for which I was scared) # 2 legs, long black hair, leopard print! Hot curse! I imagine it would be like seeing an ex for the first time and you did well, “wrote Fans with a series of fiery emojis.

Teddi Mellencamp re-shared the post from fans praising her RHOBH look.

In an Instagram story shared on her own page, she included a paparazzi photo of Kyle Teddy, who was seen wearing a neck bandage while walking with his two children Slade and Cruz in Los Angeles.

As RHOBH As fans may have noticed, Kyle “liked” the post, and Teddy reshared the photo after he did.

Teddy wrote in a message to his surgeon, “It’s time to create some beautiful neck bra for us.” “PS [Kyle Richards] I can’t even like your post. “

Kyle Richards likes Teddy Melankamp's post on neck bandage in response to Teddy

Teddy also shared an extra photo of himself after the surgery, telling his fans and followers that the paparazzi like to take pictures of him when he is not the best looking.

“Dear Paps, I’m out of the house this day too, so why didn’t you get a picture of me ?!” She’s kidding

RHOBH Teddi Mellencamp wonders why the paparazzi take bad pictures as opposed to good ones

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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