Teddy Melankamp is the former head of Head Girls Night with Edwin

Photo: Girls night with her husband Edwin's ex at RHOBH's Teddy Melankamp was a response from fans

Teddy MelankampOn a former castmate The real housewife of Beverly HillsShe shares three children with her husband Edwin Arrow. Their daughter Slate Their son was born in 2012 Cruise In 2014, and their daughter Dove in 2020.

Edwin, however, welcomed another child in 2008 – Isabella – to a woman in a past relationship. Little is known about the relationship (or how it ended), but it seems Teddy and Edwin started dating the year their first daughter was born (according to Teddy’s first blog post for Bravo).

In May of this year, Teddy O. Christina Mecklenburg (Edwin’s ex) suggested that they had a long journey before they reunited as Isabella’s co-guardians, but it seems they were finally able to do it.

Bravolebrity posted a picture on Instagram, hugging Christina while they shared a night with the eldest daughter of a girl Olivia Rodrigo Concert

“It only took us 13.5 years but we did it,” Teddy wrote. “Grateful for the girls and for spending our time with each other. @KristinaMeklenberg. “

Christina also posted pictures of the evening, and wrote a similar message: “It took us 13.5 years to get here, but we did it. Thank you for being such an amazing loving stepmother to Isabella, @teddimellencamp co #coparenting.”

Teddy then responds, “We did and we had the best time.”

Other Instagram users commented on the post.

“Does that mean you haven’t done it yet ???” One person wrote.

“The peace you bring to both girls is unimaginable – Bravo Mamas,” said a different user.

Another shared, “So much respect for all of you for making this great for kids.”

“Cheers for putting the difference aside!” Another wrote. “Kids love and support is always number 1!”

According to the social media post, Teddy seems to have a strong relationship with his honest daughter. On the 10th of IsabellaM On his birthday, Teddy shared a heartfelt tribute on Instagram.

“From the moment your father introduced me to you, I knew that my life had changed forever in a way I could never have imagined,” the star said. “I am grateful to know you and grow up. You are smart, kind, beautiful, and talented. I love being your honest mother, and Slate and Cruz are blessed to have you as the best big sister in the world. We love you infinitely.”

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