Teddy Melankamp opposes Sutton’s gun story

Teddy Melankamp claims that Sutton is Erica

In a recent episode The real housewife of Beverly HillsCastmates respond Dorit KemsleyIts terrifying home invasion. Although most women seemed shocked, Sutton streak He was busy with his own problems. When Kyle Richards Called him, Sutton sarcastically apologized for not being “put at gunpoint.”

According to Sutton, this sensitive comment was the result of his problem with the “gun”, which stemmed from two traumatic events in his past. “My house was demolished when I was 14 so it’s still there. My dad shot himself in the head, so he’s out there, “Sutton explained on the show.

Teddy MelankampHowever, there is a story that contradicts Satin’s claim. Because of this, Teddy Sutton was unable to capture some of the scenes at face value.

“When I see Sutton say in a confession, ‘You know for me, I have a history of guns, I have a real problem with guns’, my mind goes back to the season I was with Sutton, where they never showed up. And he calls me White Trash and he says he grew up hunting and using guns and blah, blah, blah, “Teddy said in his podcast,” Too’s in a Pod. ” Heavy.

According to Teddy’s story, Sutton said, “Just because I’m not like the white garbage dump where you are, we can get a tractor driver’s license at 15.”

When his co-host You are the judge (From The real housewife of Orange CountyAsked why the footage was never aired, Teddy explained, “[Producers] Don’t show this kind of thing, especially your first season. “Although Teddy doesn’t seem to trust his former colleague, he thinks Sutton is” good television. “

In September of last year, Teddy pointed to another supposed conflict: Satin’s sudden interest. Erica JaneIts legal issues (in the past, Sutton suggested that his friendship with Erica could damage Sutton’s reputation).

“No one was grilling [Sutton] Before all these personal details, they just let it be. No one knew who Sutton was before Real Housewives, “said Teddy On. Of our weekly The podcast “Being real with housewives”. “If you’re really concerned about your reputation, if you have an amazing reputation and the charities you are in and want to maintain everything, then you are not going to be the ‘real housewife of Beverly Hills’ – so this argument is a little flawed for me. “

Sutton is a common source of drama RHOBH, But in South Bele, it seems, only interested when he can control it (as with Erica Jane). Sutton slip-up After the robbery, however, quickly fell from his hands.

Will be his ally Garsell Save the day – all the brooms under the rug?

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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