Teddy Melankamp talks about a fake friendship with Lisa Vanderpump

Teddi Mellencamp claims RHOBH producers have made 6 "Awkward" Friendship with LVP, says he was offered RHOC role, and hand criticism

Teddy Melankamp He has been claimed The real housewife of Beverly Hills Throw as a supposed friend Lisa Vanderpump.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Teddy said that after choosing to appear RHOBH Over The real housewife of Orange CountyAlthough she was much younger than the women on the show, the producers “paired” her with Lisa and tried to build a friendship between the two of them.

“They have paired me up [with] Lisa Vanderpump as my friend. And so it was awkward… for example, we’re going to make tea. I have never had tea in my life. There was just … tea, and caviar and like me, ‘I was born in Indiana and grew up in South Carolina. I don’t eat caviar. I don’t drink tea, ” Teddy recalled the May 23 episode Two t in a pod Podcast

According to Teddy, he agreed to attend RHOBH Coming out of doing a different project.

“I accidentally signed up for an event I didn’t really want to do, and I called the CAA and asked them to pull me out of that deal. And they said, ‘We can probably do this for you, but what do you do? Housewife” Teddy explained. ” And then they asked me, ‘Would you rather do that? [RHOC] Or [RHOBH]. ‘”

Although Teddy has homes in both Los Angeles and Orange County, he wasn’t sure which series was for him. So, he asked his agent which one they would recommend.

“And they said, ‘Well, Beverly Hills It’s good for people’s business and things in general and they don’t usually get into physical fights. ‘ So that’s where it was, ”Teddi revealed.

While Teddy certainly drew attention to his responsible business, all in all, it wasn’t always good. And, when it comes to reactions, he doesn’t just hate his profession. Instead, he … also took heat for his hands.

“I showed my hand in an Insta Story and I was attacked,” Teddy admits. “I speak with my hand, always, and people say, ‘Man’s hand! You should be ashamed of this hand.’ And I like, ‘You know what, I’m kind.’

After a handshake with his co-host, You are the judgeTeddi learned that one special RHOC Elam has big hands.

“Do you know who has beautiful hands?” Vicky Ganvalson. The most beautiful hand. I am always very jealous of them, ”revealed Tamra.

Later in the podcast, Teddy stated that while he was not always a fan favorite, he was seen joking. [she] On the show, he didn’t hesitate to distribute when it came to series dramas.

“When you’re in a setting with a bunch of people, and you have to do a show, and you know you have four hours and someone has to get this point in those four hours, I’ll always do it,” he said.

The real housewife of Beverly Hills Season 12 airs Wednesday at 8 / 7c in Bravo.

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