Tell me? Lil Wayne Mark responded to Cuban troll tweets, threatening to hit him

Lil Wayne has counter-attacked Mark Cuban’s tweet for trolling after his disrespectful remarks about his star player, Luka Donsich.

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In June 2011, Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat at home to win the NBA Championship. Shortly afterwards, the Dallas Mavericks and Larry O’Brien were walking to the Championship Trophy Club Live. It was a time when Lil Wayne was on leave and performed every Sunday.

That night, Mark partyed with Cuban and his Mavericks Weiss, spent over $ 200k in a short time and got Ace Of Spades for everyone. Fast forward to 2022, and things are very different between rappers and billionaires

Last week, the Dallas Mavericks’ new star, Luka Donsich, Chris Paul, a close friend of Lil Wayne, and his team, the Phoenix Suns, were in basketball hell. It was supposed to be the year that the Sons won it all, but Luca didn’t get it, forcing a Game 7.

Lil Owen went straight to calling Luca “Ho” on Twitter, which came back to bite him when Luca continues to hit the Sun dreams more than 30 points and sends them straight to Cancun and ends their season.

Mark Cuban couldn’t wait to respond to Lil Wayne’s Luca tweet with Wayne’s own song. Cuban put it great in its response, but once Wezzy catches the wind of the tweet, it doesn’t matter.

Wayne’s close friend Skip Belles broke the news that Weggy was not happy about Cuban’s tweet, saying he was angry. The rapper took his frustration to social media and threatened to hit Mark Cuban before he could pee in his mouth. Of course, he deleted the tweet, but you can read it for yourself below.

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