Teresa Goodis accuses Caroline of using her for clout

After RHONJ's Teresa Guidis podcast dis, Caroline accused Manzo of using her for clout, sharing why she's on the show and not Caroline.

Teresa Judis Responding Caroline Manjo Announcing that he verbally wanted to “throw a hundred” from her.

After appearing in an episode of Caroline’s Son Albi ManjoPodcast of, Dear AlbieWhich was titled “Caroline Manzo, Out for Blood,” and referred to her as a “bully.” The real housewife of New Jersey The cast member suggested that Caroline speak out before accusing her former co-star of using her for promotions.

Teresa told TMZ on May 26, “He didn’t drop out of me the whole time he was on the show, so I’m still there and he’s not.”

In Albie’s podcast, Caroline says she’s tired of advising Teresa and her current husband to return. Joe Judis In the IRS, both parties spend time behind bars. As RHONJ Fans may recall that Teresa had previously accused Caroline and Jacqueline Lorita To warn the IRS about the fraud committed by him and Joe.

“I get so much fun, fans, community, going in and just going out [Teresa] Verbally and just put him in his place, ”Caroline said. “I am tired of some things. I am tired of opening his very uneducated mouth and using me as a weapon to say that I led his IRS claim. “

Caroline accuses Teresa of being “obsessed” with him and accuses him of being a rapist.

“If you are so obsessed with me, I am more than happy to answer your demand.” Sometimes, you have to be beaten. I am happier to be harassed, “he said

But according to Teresa, Caroline only brought him up on Albie’s podcast in an attempt to get Clout.

“He’s promoting his son’s podcast so he’s talking about me because otherwise, no one is paying attention,” Teresa explained.

And, as Teresa mentioned, Caroline was completely sincere to him when they filmed their Super Bowl ad in December 2019.

“Personally, he hugged me. In her son’s podcast, she wants to fight me, “said Teresa.

Teresa and her The real housewife of New Jersey Customs is currently producing the upcoming 13th season of the series.

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