Testing contactless delivery in Chick-fil using robots

In Chick-fil-A A new pilot program is bringing robots to their world-class delivery service

The fast-food restaurant is testing the program California And inside Florida In collaboration with a tech company Refraction AI. The heated robot will offer customers “unconnected delivery” which has become commonplace in the early days of the epidemic.

According to the Refraction AI website, the company uses its robots to “collect products from places like restaurants, pharmacies and grocery stores and bring them directly to your home”. They specialize in a complete robotic experience to ensure that orders are not touched unnecessarily.

Customers who order at Chick-fill will find their food in a box-shaped robot on wheels designed to withstand most weather conditions. The device will transport food in a locked carriage. When the robot reaches the drop-off position, customers will receive a text message with a code to unlock the chamber and retrieve their food.

Text message on arrival is not the only communication that customers will receive from the robot. An initial text will inform customers that their order is coming through the robot, followed by an approximate arrival message after the food has been recovered from the restaurant.

Intelligent devices use artificial intelligence systems and depth-concept cameras to avoid collisions with pedestrians, vehicles and sidewalks. For increased security, they only reach up 15 miles per hour. At this time, there is no timeline for when Chick-fil-A will implement the program permanently.

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