Texas shooter Salvador Ramos ‘Grandma’ can’t speak again

18 years old Texas The gunman shot his grandmother in the face before going to an elementary school and killed 19 children and two teachers.

Grandma will never speak again, a relative told the New York Post on Sunday.

“The bullet went into the jaw just next to Sally’s mouth and shattered all her teeth,” said Jason Iberra, who is the second cousin of the injured grandmother Celia “Sally” Martinez Gonzalez, 66.

“If the bullet was an inch on the other side, it would have blown his head off,” he said.

“She is OK. But he may never be able to speak again, “added Yabar, 45.

Martinez contacted Gonzalez by writing, Ybarra added.

Grandma became the first victim of Salvador Ramos on Tuesday before firing on innocent students and teachers at Rob Elementary School in Uvalade, Texas.

Grandma has already had multiple surgeries for her wounds, including one Sunday, and many more will follow, Ybarra said.

Rolando Reyes, her husband, spoke to the outlet on Thursday and said he was “awake and, but he’s in pain.”

He had a notebook where he wrote down what he wanted to say, but when we can’t make it, he gets frustrated, “said Reyes.

Ramos had been living with his grandparents for the past two or three months before moving on to his deadly shooting spree.

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