Texas Toddler orders 31 McDonald’s cheeseburgers at Dordash after receiving Ahold

A Two-year-old from Texas The munchies which resulted in his order were an extreme event 31 cheeseburgers From McDonald’s And being distributed through them Dordash.

On Monday, Kelsey Barkhalter Golden She was shocked to find him unexpected Kingsville At home from a delivery driver holding a burger. Golden had no idea where they came from. However, after a little searching on his iPhone, he found that his son Barrett was behind the order.

Obviously, the little boy will usually use his mother’s phone to play with the camera, but these days, he has decided that they need to have lunch.

“He usually likes to take pictures of himself, and so he’s doing it,” Golden explained. “I thought I’d lock the phone, but obviously, I didn’t because Dordash came up with 31 cheeseburgers then.”

Not sure what his son would do with all the food after eating only half of it, Golden shared Facebook He had several burgers in need of food for everyone. It’s not clear if anyone stopped to pick up one or two burgers, although the damage has already been done both ways. The cost of a small child is over 91.70 Overall, though, he was generous enough to tip the Dordash driver $ 16.

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