The 8 best black leggings you can buy, according to Reddit users

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When faced with your OOTD decision, you can’t go wrong with a pair Black tights. Not sure what to wear to the grocery store? Black leggings and a basic tee will work. Not sure what to wear for lunch with friends? Black leggings and a beautiful sweater will do the job. Regardless of the season or occasion, these are the most versatile, comfortable and easy-to-wear outfits, which is why we’ve collected a bunch of pairs that have been crowned the best in the Reddit business.

Don’t expect you will probably get the dish The best black leggings From Reddit, Everywhere, but hey, they’re on it! From Lululemon And Athletes Per Nordstrom And Girlfriend Collective, Reddit users have spoken. They base their decisions on factors such as fit, design, price point and durability, which we will also consider.

If you are going for one Black leggings every dayZella in Nordstrom is a crowd-pleasing, but if you’re going for a pair you can wear to the office, Cuyana will be your go. Not surprisingly, even on Reddit, Lululemon still reigns supreme when it comes to carrying the best exercise leggings.

Here are the best eight pairs Black tights That you should stock up right at this second.

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Jella Live In High Wist Leggings Nordstrom

Photo: Jella.


“My favorite is Zella from Nordstrom! “Wrote a Reddit user.” They are very flattering, high waists and suck whatever you need. I have about five pairs and they last for years. “

Although the sheen carries a lot of style, the brand Living in high waist leggings 5,000 has a 4.5-star rating with over 5,000 perfect reviews We can fully see why, since they are made of moisture-stimulating fabric and have a no-slip waistband.

Lululemon invigorate high-rise tight leggings

Photo: Lululemon.


“To be honest Lululemon. Find a pair that fits you well and with all the features of your choice and you will never go back, ”suggested one user. “Leg pockets and waist drawstring for me.”

The Strengthen high-rise tight leggings There are two side pockets And A waist drawcord. They are made from Everlux, Lululemon’s fastest drying fabricThat means they can even tolerate your sweaty workout.

Reflex High Wist Power Flex Tommy Control Leggings 90 Degrees by Amazon

Photo: 90 degrees by reflex.


“My favorite cheap leggings 90 degrees from the AmazonOne user wrote.

We totally agree with them, since by 90 degree reflex High waist strength flex abdomen control leggings Start at just ড 17. There aren’t many places where you can find affordable $ 17 leggings that feel really good and last a long time. Made from a blend of nylon and spandex, these black leggings pass the squat test and support your every move. This pair is also so comfortable that the elastic waistband sucks gently on your stomach, but don’t worry, it won’t dig into your waist or fall down 24/7.

Girlfriend Collective Compressive High-rise Leggings

Photo: Girlfriend Collective.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend [Collective]”I like everything I bought from them,” wrote one Reddit resident.

The Compressive high-rise leggings The brand’s No. 1 bestseller and this is probably because they are good for squat-proof, sweat dripping and high-impact workouts. Not to mention, these come in the form of XXX to 6XL and are Made from 79 percent recycled plastic bottles.

Athletic Elation 7/8 Tights Leggings

Photo: Athlete.


“The Athletic Elation 7/8 Tights My all time favorite. So soft, so shaped, and so durable! I am slowly replacing all my yoga pants, ”one user posted.

For a less-impact workout and stay around, choose Athlete Elevation 7/8 Tights. Of the brand Powervita fabric Oh so soft and compressible that you will feel comfortable doing all your downhill dogs and breaths.

Old Navy high-waisted powerpress leggings

Photo: Old Navy.

Old Navy

“I love it Old Navy Elevated LeggingsOne person commented. “They’re between a cotton leggings and an athletic leggings so they’re thick but not look [overly] Sporty high waists are a plus and they usually sell for $ 20. “

Old Navy’s elevated leggings, now called High-waisted powerpress leggings, Is made from a moisture-wicking jersey material that keeps you safe and dry during your sweat sessions. Even better than the $ 20 price tag, these leggings now sell for only 12, so collect a pair (or two) as soon as possible.

H&M cotton leggings

Photo: H&M.


“I basically live H&M black leggings. They have a dense and thin variety. I’ve tried a lot but they’re the best for me, “said one user.

The soft jersey material is made from an organic cotton blend, making this Black tights Perfect for anything on your agenda, whether it’s a dog walk or a Starbucks pick. Also, H&M reviewers agree that they fit the size.

Chuana ponte leggings

Photo: Chuana.


Chuana put on leggings For a better look, “wrote one user.

This Leggings-pants crossover At the very bottom of the legs is an elastic waistband and sophisticated slit details. Even better, they are made with partially recycled materials. Style them with a blouse and you are ready to go straight from work to happy time.

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