The bottom deck gives Captain Glenn Dani and Jean Luke an update

Underneath the deck, Sailing Yacht captain Glenn Shepherd Dani Suarez and co-guardian daughter Lily Rose shared an update on Jean-Luc's progress, plus a response from the cast.

Avid Sailing yacht under deck Fans will surely remember the paternity drama that unfolded in the former store Dani Suarez And deckhand Jean-Luc Serja-Lonax In their respective seasons in the franchise.

Although the two apparently staged a paternity drama, their ex-boss, Captain Glenn ShepherdGiving us an update on how the couple is co-guarding after their divorce.

    Dani Suarez

Lower deck star Dani Soares poses with daughter Lily Rose

Speaking to our weekly, Glenn said that Jean-Luc has come up a bit on the plate and that “something is involved now” in the life of daughter Lily Rose. He even started a college fundraiser for her.

“I know it [Jean-Luc] There is something involved with that now [his and Dani’s] Baby I heard he was setting up a college fundraiser and he talked to him regularly on Friday because they were so far away, “Glenn said Monday, May 16 at the NBCUniversal Upfront outlet.[Dani is] Australia and its boat are in the state. He must continue to work and I don’t think he can go to Australia and start working. “

Glenn admits he gets most of his updates on the couple through secondhand sources, but adds that he thinks Jean-Luc should do more, especially after dismissing the child as his own in the past.

“I was asking someone what his involvement was because it had been a while. Personally, I think he should do more. But I do not know all the details. I’m not very close to them so I can’t really talk to them, “Glenn shared.

Viewers watched the entire drama play out on their screens between Dani and Jean-Luc.

“Let’s just say, this baby was created during the season when we had 24/7 cameras and I only slept with one guy,” Danny said in June 2021. “He didn’t support me in any way. He didn’t think it was his child and he didn’t want to do anything with it,” Dani said.

A few months after giving birth to Dani Lily Rose, and after the paternity test claimed by Jean-Luc, she finally claims the child as her own.

“I am happy and proud that the sweet and beautiful Lily Rose is my daughter,” she wrote in an Instagram post in January. “Dani and I are working together and communicating to the best of our ability. It is essential [to work out] Our daughter needs both parents in her life. “

Sometimes the words come a little late, gin-look. And Dani and his former colleagues apparently agree.

Current Down under the deck Star and ex Sailing yacht under deck Stew Ali Dore He told our weekly at the time, “I think he should have publicly apologized for everything that happened behind the scenes and even after what was said about Dani.”

Chief Engineer Colin Macray There were also some favorite words for his former co-star, he said, “It’s never too late to liberate yourself through action, but this pathetic attempt to be a father for the sake of social media, which is completely lacking. The form of support in real life, does not earn any respect from me. It’s a shame to cry because every child deserves a father. “

According to Captain Glenn, Dani and Jean-Luke seem to be making some progress on the line of co-guardians. Hope this continues here.

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