The Buffalo shooter shared the plan with 15 people before the attack

What did they know and when?

President Biden visits mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, where 10 people were killed

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It’s been a week since Buffalo gunmen targeted a black community grocery store Ten black people were killed in the terrorist attack And three more were injured. Like clockwork, the conservative and predominantly white media rushed to portray him as an innocent child and a “lone wolf.” However, CNN The report said that more than 15 people joined the private Discord chat where the suspect had detailed plans for a mass shooting shortly before the attack.

A private, invitation-only server was created by the suspect to serve as a personal diary chat log, a spokesman for Discord said. “About 30 minutes before the attack, however, a small group was invited and joined the server. Earlier, our records indicate that no one else saw the diary chat log on this private server.”

Hate-filled forums and followers

All 15 had instant access to his racist gossip and intrigue after the invitations were circulated. Discord’s representatives say the agency removed all related content as soon as it became aware of the attack. The shooter also shared details and updates about his plans 4chanHate favorite forum of white supremacists, genocidal, rebels and Fox News Fans credited the site for awakening the unreasonable fear of white people replacing whites, even though he had to drive 3 hours to find a black neighborhood in the top of New York. Before the attack began, the 18-year-old started a broadcast on the live-streaming platform Twitch.

“My office is launching an investigation into the social media organizations that the Buffalo shooter used to plan, propagate and stream his terrorist attacks.” Leticia James, Attorney General of New York Wrote on Twitter. “This terrorist attack has once again exposed the depths and dangers of these platforms that spread and propagate hatred without consequences. We are doing everything in our power to stop this dangerous practice and ensure that it never happens again. “

Red flags and allies

The calculated killer just didn’t share his violent motives online. Last year, Susquehanna Valley Central High School called police because she had a school project focusing on homicide. Police again failed to prevent crime because they refused to intervene. Under Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, Officers could and should have submitted a red flag protection order. This order prevented him from buying firearms because he was a threat to himself and others. He can still legally buy a gun without an involuntary mental health promise or a red flag order.

When officers work to restrict gun access from people who pose a threat to themselves or others, Ben Cramp He also promised to hold the able-bodied accountable. Civil rights attorney Promise to sue “everyone” Including those who were collaborators in the shooting Parents who have a gun in his hand.

“We are determined to follow in the footsteps of those who were gun manufacturers, gun distributors and associates of this young 18-year-old white supremacist.” We want to follow in the footsteps of each of these young monsters who killed these innocent people. “

The tragedy could include police who could sue “everyone” who ignored the warning signals, the social media platforms he used and those who communicated his violent fantasies online. Don’t stop there if we blame people for inciting violent white supremacist violence! From everyone Money Carlson From Former cheese puff in chief And Anti-CRT politician Must be on the hook. This tragedy was not just preventable. It was deceptively intentional.

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