‘The Chi’ star Jasmine Davis aka Imani leaves the show after vaccination fraud

Jasmine Davis What really happened with his departure in “The Chi” became clear when fans noticed that he had been missing since the recent season.

Davis played a salon owner on the show and tweeted about his departure and leaving the “toxic environment” with a description of his workplace. The actor has remained silent on the matter but plans to spread the beans on why he came out. However, the production crew is telling fans what actually happened.

Davis, 30, submitted a fake Covid vaccination card that led the company to launch an investigation. An insider said: “Jasmine wanted to get rid of the vaccine when she submitted a vaccination card for the previous season. It started an investigation and Jasmine then left the show. “

The transgender actress publicly announced her departure in April before the fifth season. He indicated that his departure was due to intimidation and “personal happiness”.

He tweeted, “For 4 2 years I have been threatening to go to a show that was a kind of nightmare and the moment I returned the Instagram flag my comment on my page trying to harass me to see how they could come. Unjust. Say it on my page and without any consequences. “

However, he withdrew, telling Ebony that he probably got more love than hate.

“I was probably getting more love than hate, but hate was so directed and so loud and in my face.” He added, “I am just happy to be alive. I’m glad I can inspire others to be what they want to be. I’m glad I can represent my LGBTQ + community and my black community in general. “

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