The closure of more than 309,000 public pools could be due to a lack of lifeguards across the country

Due to the lack of lifeguards across the country, it can be difficult to find one of the families hoping for an open community pool or safe public beach this summer.

It could even ban about one-third of the 309,000 pools across the country from operating, according to the report American Lifeguard Association. As a result, there are fewer lifeguard towers on public beaches.

“Ever since Lifeguard started, we’ve had a hard time meeting rank because it’s hard work,” he said. Watt WarnethNational Spokesperson of the Association.

The work requires extensive physical training, first aid and trauma training, and various temporary abilities such as water viewing.

The city due to staff shortages Overland Park, Kansas, Two of his five outdoor pools were forced to close

City spokesman Meg Ralph “Our staff has worked incredibly hard throughout the winter and spring, training, certifying, onboard, and deploying more than 150 lifeguards safely to outdoor pools,” he said.

Epidemics and suspension of J-1 exchange work visas contribute to the deficit.

“We’re going to get through this,” Werneth said. “As the first respondent, the lifeguards are very wealthy. Even in the past when we had a shortage of lifeguards, we found ways to educate and protect the public, which is our number one priority. “

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