The court date for Young Dolph’s alleged killers has been moved to July, attorneys claim

Young DolphThe date of the court of the ‘accused murderers’ has been shifted. The information is important for the judge after the new evidence. Justin Johnson And Cornelius Smith Two people are being charged with the murder of a rapper last year.

The pair appeared in court on Friday, May 27, when attorneys intervened, saying they had found a new discovery that had greatly influenced Smith’s bond settlement judge. The new hearing is set for July 1, and Smith’s bond hearing will be on the same day

“We’re getting more information, and I want to see it,” said Michael Schulz, Smith’s attorney. One of the reasons that goes into bonds is the possibility of suffixes. Other reasons are [whether the accused is a] Flight risk. “

Two months after Dolph’s murder, Johnson was involved in shooting outside the Memphis Bakery, McDas Cookies. He was arrested in Indiana shortly after the arrest warrant was issued. Meanwhile, Smith was identified and arrested in connection with the car because the car was involved in a separate shooting.

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