The Dave Chappell attacker is now in the plea deal negotiations

The man who tackled Dave Chappell Time Netflix is ​​a fun festival An application agreement has been proposed.

Isaiah Lee There have been allegations of batteries, possession of weapons with intent to attack, unauthorized access to the stage area during performances and any act that delays or interferes with performances. The 23 years old Says he identified as bisexual and heard Chapel’s jokes LGBTQ+ The community inspired him to face the comedian during the May 3rd set.

Lee’s allegations against Chappell are all misdemeanors. There was some outrage when Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon ruled against the criminal charge for keeping the retractable knife attached to Lee’s replica gun folded. However, Lee is still facing charges of attempted murder for stabbing his ex-roommate. On Thursday, Lee appeared in Los Angeles court, where he agreed to a two-month delay in the probable cause of the case. Chapel’s public defender requested a similar delay in the case.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

“A proposal has been extended by the City Attorney’s Office, but it has not yet been accepted,” he said Deputy City Attorney Gisele Fernandez.

Dave Chappell has not publicly commented on this latest development.

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