The Feast of Lovers and Friends in Vegas proved to be a nostalgia for some participants,

Highly expected Boyfriends and friends The festival is held Las Vegas This past weekend and it features a long list of artists including Usher, Sierra, TLC, Lorraine Hill and many more. Tickets sold out quickly, sold out during pre-sale, making the concert a two-day affair. While some participants had a great time, others took to Twitter and other social media outlets to share their dissatisfaction.

“Can we talk about how #LoverandFriends was a second Astroworld! I didn’t have to run for my life like that,” said one participant.

Authorities say three people were injured in the shooting. Officials have confirmed that this is a false alarm. The concert continued despite many vacancies.

It seems that the reported shots were not the only concern. Participants also shared that it was hot, asphalt and lack of water.

Some participants felt that the concert should have been stopped altogether after the alleged shooting, instead, the concert continued after about 20 minutes.

In contrast, some took to social media to share positive messages about the concert, noting how much nostalgia and good vibes they felt.

Amelia Pug Attended the festival with a group of friends and shared his experience. “The artists were great, but logically, you could say there were gaps.” Pugh shared that the organization and development of the festival was not equivalent. “It’s unfair that those who attended Saturday’s concert had to be guinea pigs for those who attended Sunday,” Pogg said.

On the 1st day of the festival, participants were not allowed to bring their own water, there was no structure about who was performing in the 2 different stages and hot water was served to their luke.

According to Pug, things were different on Sunday.

He also shared what he felt during the fear of shooting. “I was sitting on the ground at the Lovers and Friends stage, I looked behind me and saw a lot of people running. I literally heard the sound of a gunshot, they said it wasn’t but it sounded like it.

Pugh shared that he would not attend next year’s festival unless they plan it tonight.

This is not the first time a shooting has taken place at a Las Vegas festival. In 2017, a mass shooting took place during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, where a 64-year-old man fired 1,000 shots, killing 60 and injuring 867.

After the AstroWorld Tour and now the Lovers and Friends Festival, many have admitted to having trauma and being on edge. Can’t wait to tell you what it could mean for upcoming concerts and festivals.

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