The funniest, wildest and smallest ‘legs, hips and body’ memes

Summer song?

Kandi has gone viral with the 8-year-old song of the stage drama ‘A Mother’s Love’

Everyone is buzzing Kandi Baras” Legs and Hips and Baudy Baudy ” Bop which was taken out randomly RHOA The star’s 2014 stage drama ‘A Mother’s Love’ became a social media obsession before and after the trend.

While some people mocked the golden written singer / songwriter, there were many others who overwhelmed themselves with super catchy jams that could be summer songs.

Naturally, Kandi posted the 8-year-old’s song on her socials and retweeted the memes created by fans during the current season’s promotion. RHOA.

At the moment, we’re hoping he’ll drop an updated remix that will enable Bad Twenty Behaviors at Day Partys all over this summer.

Candy Mary J. Attended Blizzard’s Strength of a Women’s Festival and Summit

Kandy’s most recent potential check comes when he collects a check to appear Mary J. BlissThe inaugural ‘Strength of a Woman Festival and Summit’ in Atlanta a few weeks ago.

Hosted by Taraji p. HensonThe star-studded event brought everyone and their mothers out City girls, Want the wheel, Tamran Hall, La La Anthony, Savannah James, Angela Yeh, Pinky Cole, Supercent, Angie Martinez, Teyana Taylor, Coco Jones, Tasha SmithAnd more

“The idea for the festival came to us after listening to the beginning of my latest album with my family and friends and women in the industry,” says Blizzard.

Each time, the people in the room would share a story, often heartbreaking or heartbreaking, but they always ended with joy and love and how their girlfriend or mother or sister helped them find their voice and strength. After two years of living and enduring so much, we have come to realize that this is the kind of experience that people, especially women, deserve.

I am extremely grateful to all the actors, vendors and participants for their commitment to our inaugural event and I am so excited to be able to do this in a city that has been rocking with me since the beginning of my career. I am proud to have made it with my sisters and I look forward to an incredibly beautiful and special experience. “

Would you jump on your legs, hips and bows all summer long? Tell us below and enjoy the funniest, wildest and smallest memes on the flip.

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