The Las Vegas woman drank five shots of the patron before killing her father in a DUI crash

The new detail confirms that a Woman from Las Vegas Eaten five tequila shots before one happened fatal DUI crash.

On Wednesday Almost in the morning 4:00 am, 38-year-old Lisa Guerino Driven through a stop sign and slammed him Zip Grand Cherokee In one Volkswagen SUV Carry Stephens Palmatier Jr., 37; A. Centennial Parkway and Shambhar Road. His Three year old boy He was taken to hospital in critical condition. Sadly, Palmatier was pronounced dead at the scene. Two more people inside the car, a Six year old girl And a 38 year old woman Who the driver was, they were also injured, although they were not fatal.

A receipt from Jackpot Joanie’s casino shows that Guerino bought five shots of the Patron and drank them before getting behind the wheels of his jeep. He was also captured on surveillance video at the casino, apparently under the influence of alcohol.

After the accident, Guerino fled the scene on foot and headed home. When police arrived at her home, she claimed she was in bed at the time of the crash. He was eventually arrested and charged with two counts of DUI for death or substantial bodily harm. His bail was set at $ 100,000. He has been instructed not to drive if released.

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