The lawsuit alleges that modern-day Peeping Tom stole a woman’s nude from a T-Mobile store

Back in the day, known as creepy man Peeping toms Suspicious women will be hiding outside the window. In today’s modern world, this habit has evolved in an alarming way.

A. filed a new case Queens, New York The woman complained that a T mobile The employee transferred her nude photos from her phone when she traded it last September. Karen Moon Says it’s time to stay inside the store North Boulevard, The employee takes his phone to a backroom to check his upgrade eligibility after receiving his password. Once he was resurrected, Moon got a glimpse of his unlocked phone, which contained all his intimate pictures. He confronted the man, and he confessed to stealing his pictures but refused to delete them.

Moon sued Thursday, Claiming that its privacy has been violated and T-Mobile has failed to take action. He condemned the company for its negligence in the recruitment process and supervision of employees. The case outlines a number of other instances where T-Mobile operators have stolen personal photos while providing phone services.

There was an example November 2015, When a staff member of the company downloads a sex video of a couple while waiting for their phone to upgrade. Other situations did not include graphic elements. Instead, an employee stole the customer’s banking information and accessed their bank account in December 2020. Despite countless such incidents, T-Mobile has done little to prevent them.

In Moon’s case, T-Mobile confirmed that the employee had been fired but could not provide details on what steps would be taken to prevent future photo theft.

The lawyer representing Moon, Andrew Stenzel, believes that cell phone store employees have inadvertently stolen pictures of thousands of people at multiple companies. Back in January, a AT&T An employee was arrested for stealing a clear picture from a customer’s phone when he came to the store to exchange devices.

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