The Lil Kim biopic is officially in its early stages of development

After years of gossiping about the film, Lil Kim Confirmed that his long awaited Biopic There are early development stages.

The “Not tonight” The rapper made the announcement while attending a birthday party in honor of his ex-boyfriend and mentor, The infamous big According to Kim, the film will be based on her upcoming memoirs, “The queen bee.”

Over the years, Kim has expressed interest in showing her life story on the big screen. When the subject of the film was confirmed last year, Kim Dr. People That she was excited to tell her story.

“A lot of people thought they knew Lil ‘Kim’s story, but they had no idea,” he said as he sat down.

Now that the project has officially started, fans can expect “intimate details” surrounding her relationship with Biggie Smalls during her wedding to the singer. Faith Evans. Most of them were explored in Biggie’s 2009 Biopic, “Infamous,” So it will be interesting to see what the Grammy-winning winners will reveal about their time together.

The memoir is expected to be a juicy read, Kim said, adding that “everyone will know things they never knew.”

The biography will come later this year. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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