The man who confronted Dave Chappell said he was “triggered” by comedian LGBT jokes.

The man accused of confronting comedian Dave Chappell during a show said the comedian’s LGBT jokes had provoked him.

Isaiah Lee, 23, discussed her case in an interview with the New York Post, where she went on stage and explained why she had attacked the chapel. He claims he was offended by Dave’s material and wanted to know.

“I identify as bisexual and I wanted to know if he was triggering what he said,” Lee said. He added, “I wanted him to know that next time, he should first consider being run by people who could influence his elements.”

Apparently, Dave addressed his transgender debate that night before Lee came on stage. The comedian talks about how he had no problem with trans people until his ‘closure’ content was taken out of context and distorted.

But that’s not the only thing that ticked Leake. He said he was also pushed to the edge when Chappell made a homeless joke, an experience he dealt with at a young age.

“I am also an unmarried father, and my son is five,” Lee said. It’s a struggle, and I wanted to let Dave Chappell know that this is not a joke. ” Was tortured.

Lee also described his injuries as “spit on me and intentionally punched me.” He also talked about having a fake-gun-pointed knife on him that night, with Chappell asking why he did it. “I told her that my mother and grandmother, who fought for her civil rights to be able to speak, would be offended by what she said,” Lee said.

Chapel responded by complaining, “Now your story will die with you, boy.”

That being said, don’t you think jokes should be made about certain things?

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