The man who gave birth to 15 children after advertising sperm donation on Facebook is never

A Facebook sperm donor who has given birth to 15 children has been accused of never telling her mother that she has a hereditary condition that causes learning disabilities.

James McDougall, 37, father of child with lesbian women through private donations advertised on social media. However, he was well aware that he had incurable Phrasil X syndrome, a genetic disorder that led to low IQ and developmental delays, which he never disclosed.

McDougall’s identity was revealed during a family court battle in Derby, United Kingdom, when he applied for parental responsibility and child custody orders for his four children.

Although he originally signed a contract stating that he did not want to communicate with some of his children, the New York Post reported.

The mothers of the children opposed the appeal.

Derby Court Judge Nathalie Leven McDougall has been identified as one of the other women who have been barred from using her as a sperm donor and has ruled that she should have no obligation to the children as it would harm them.

The judge barred her from applying for a court order for the next three years because she had no insight into her behavior and it would hurt the mothers.

The court heard only from a woman named SW, 25. He contacted her after seeing McDougall’s ad.

Her children are now 3 and 2 years old.

The 3-year-old child of SW is speechless and his behavior is challenging due to Frasile X syndrome.

After giving birth, she contacted McDougall and she often came and went to see. She became pregnant with her second child when she was at home during the COVID-19 lockdown but she told him to leave in June 2020.

He accused her of making sexual comments and said he had bathed the baby at least twice. He was arrested in June 2020 for assaulting her.

In a different court, McDougall won a lawsuit that allowed him to have regular contact with a boy born in 2018.

The child returned home with an accidental injury and the case was put on hold until Levin Social Services reported it.

McDougall decided to donate a private sperm because he knew he could not go to a clinic with his condition.

The judge had no confidence that he would inform the mothers about the effects of Frasil X syndrome.

“There is a very definite advantage in revealing his name in the hope that women will see him on the internet and see this verdict,” the judge ruled after rejecting his lawyer’s request not to be named.

“The usual practice of anonymity in family court should not be used as a way for parents to behave in an unacceptable manner and then hide behind anonymity.”

McDougall’s adoptive parents supported their son’s defense, claiming he was a “victim.”

“He is kind and can do anything for anyone, but he is innocent,” Jun said.

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