The name of Travis Scott in the Rolling Loud Miami 2019 Stamped Over case

Travis Scott One woman said she was subjected to further charges of being trampled there Rolling loud Miami Music Festival in May 2019.

Scott, who is currently facing numerous lawsuits related to last year’s deadly Astroworld festival, was added to an existing lawsuit filed by Marshall Ashley Love against Rolling Loud organizers, who said he was seriously injured after being trampled by a crowd at the festival.

The lawsuit, filed by Ballard Alert, accuses Scott of negligence and claims that he “verbally and physically incited the crowd to engage in a mash hole and other dangerous activities” even after police left the stage and stopped acting as the crowd continued to grow. Uncontrolled

Legal documents state that the false report of an active shooter on the first day of the event caused panic among the attendees. Profit argues that Scott should have refrained from behavior that would incite the crowd to violence and panic.

Why Scott is now being named in the case, Love’s attorney Raymond Dippa told Baller Alert that the lawsuit against Travis Scott took so long because they had to “talk to witnesses and understand what actually happened.” According to Dipper, they needed proof that Love was hurt during Scott’s set.

However, Travis Scott, in a statement to Billboard attorneys, called the new lawsuit a “shameless attempt to attack Travis” for a “3-year-old incident that was deliberately misrepresented.”

“Even the allegations make it clear that the incident was related to a false report of a shooting mid-show, which is not entirely related to Travis’ performance,” Scott’s representative said. “This cheap opportunism is based on a blatant lie that is easy to detect. And it specifically states that the plaintiff’s attorney did not make a single claim against Travis when he originally filed the complaint on behalf of his client more than two years ago or in four previous versions of that complaint.

The initial lawsuit, filed in 2020, was named after security company Sequel Solutions. The company responded that the plaintiff did not take proper care of his own safety.

Dippa also told Baller Alert that the sequel blamed him for Mosh, who caused the injury.

Other Rolling Loud organizers were also named in the 2020 filing, however, were later dropped from their lawsuits.

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