The new footage shows a meeting of proud boys and oath-holders a day before January 6 ৷

A new video showing the leaders Oath keeper And Proud boys The meeting came a day before the attack on the US Capitol.

The judiciary has released six new videos showing the proud boys leader Enrique Tario and the Oath Keepers leader just 24 hours before the January attack. CNN reported that after the videos were released, CNN and other news outlets filed a lawsuit over their access.

There is a lot of detail at the moment about exactly what was discussed during the meetup, but the footage – shot by a documentary film crew – shows the two alleged extremists meeting in the garage of a Washington, DC hotel.

In the video, Tario is seen introducing himself to Rhodes and talking to Latino President Bianca Gracia for Trump. Others who were there were Joshua Macias, the founder of Vets for Trump.

While there, the team instructed Tario to leave DC and discuss how he wanted to regain control of the proud boys, among other things. “They kept my phone and my laptop,” Tario told Gracia in a video, CNN reported. “I have nothing on my laptop. I don’t have anything on my phone so you don’t have to worry. ”

According to CNN, Gracias or Macias have received allegations related to the attack.

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