The New York Senate has passed a bill in court to limit the use of lyrics

The New York State Senate has passed a bill that would limit the use of lyrics and “creative expressions” in court.

The US Senate returns to the session after the new year

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The issue of lyrics used in court has always been a sticky issue, because in some cases বিশ্বাস believe it or not-your favorite artist is lying. Sometimes, the songs aren’t even written by them, so when they get jammed in court, it’s seemingly inappropriate to use their art or work responsibilities against them.

Jay-Z was instrumental in removing the lyrics from the court and focusing on the matter. According to Pitchfork, a bill sponsored by Senators Jamal Bailey and Brad Wheelman, which has garnered public support from J-Z, Mick Mill, Killer Mike, Fat Joe and Robin Thike, among others, has been officially passed.

Senate Bill S7527 will not bar prosecutors from presenting the lyrics, but will require them to show that the art is “not literal or fictional.” The court has been using the lyrics to paint the artists for decades to support the allegations against them. If you read the RICO case against Young Thug’s wire and YSL, most of the lyrics are supported.

It’s a small step, but on the right track, and we’re sure more steps will follow. It’s just the beginning.

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