The NFL wants to get away from the Pro Bowl; Lack of interest in low ratings and faults

The NFL Alloy is considered Pro Bowl For good.

During the annual owner meeting Tuesday, NFL Axis and team owners have probably discussed replacing it with an alternative event, although they have not yet come up with a solid plan. A possible replacement would be the conference title games and the seven-on-seven no-tackling competition during the weekend. Super Bowl. Sports commentator Ian Report The NFL also recommends using Sundays to highlight those who have been selected for the Pro Bowl without actually holding the tournament.

The Pro Bowl has long been the subject of scrutiny, with many wondering why the match still existed. To serve as an exhibition game, there is not much for the players except one 80,000 Payment and those of the winning team 40,000 To the players of the losing team. The league moved around and even hired team captains and tried to make the game more interesting by allocating roster to each franchise through a fantasy football-style draft. As Covid-19 worldwide As the loom continues, the game becomes virtual 2021It is becoming more and more uninteresting to the fans.

Poor TV ratings are a clear indication of the lack of interest surrounding the Pro game. Less than 7 million visitors Saw last year’s Pro Bowl.

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