The passenger was removed from the plane after his brother urinated on a mid-flight

A video of a drunken passenger being taken off a plane has surfaced Greek Officers and mid-flight provoked a quarrel after the passenger urinated on his brother.

The incident happened early last month Jet 2 From the plane London On a Greek island CreteBut finally a smartphone recording of the brothers’ quarrel was released on Wednesday.

The Tick ​​tock The person who recorded the incident captioned the video: “After a fight on a Jet 2 flight, a drunken brother urinates on another because he is too drunk to walk to the toilet.”

In Video, Police were seen taking a man down the aisle towards the exit, but his face was not visible. Instead, you see a passenger in a white tank shirt pulling on his chest, exposing his back.

According to an eyewitness, the flight crew discovered an empty bottle Sirok vodka And half an empty bottle under the brothers’ seat.

Witnesses say a flight attendant warned cabin crew before leaving the flight. London Stansted Airport And says he issued the first warning to one Springthorpe The brothers “because of his inappropriateness about his lips.”

“About two and a half hours on the flight, I was waiting to go to the toilet, and the older brother got up but was so drunk that he couldn’t stand. He needed a lo, but in his drunken state he pissed on his younger brother, who then hit him, resulting in a full-blown boxing fight, “said an eyewitness.

Before the Springthorps broke up, a woman sitting in front of them got into a fight with her baby.

They said, “The cabin crew came to the male passengers and sat around them and called for help.”

Eventually, the flight was redirected to the Greek island Curfew So that local authorities can remove Alfie And Kenneth The older brother was handcuffed and dragged off the plane because he refused to go and could not stand on his own.

“My younger brother just kept saying, ‘He’s done it to me.’ What I was supposed to do was ‘and I was very upset and apologetic,’ “the passenger described.

Airline representatives said SpringThorpe “displayed a catalog of horrific behavior on the plane that included damage and unacceptable levels of aggression and even physical violence.”

According to Jet2, the brothers’ activities caused a three-and-a-half-hour delay before the flight to Crete.

In a statement, Jet2 said passengers Alfie and Kenneth Springthorpe were fined more than $ 63,000 and given a lifetime ban for “aggressive and violent behavior.”

“The deplorable behavior of these two passengers left our highly trained crew with no choice but to divert the plane to the airport so that the police could offload them,” he said. Phil Ward,’s managing director. “This means that their activities directly affected customers and clients and crew looking forward to enjoying their deserved vacation in Crete who then had to stay at the hotel for an unwanted extra night.”

“It’s totally unacceptable that this pairing has caused such disruption to so many people and they now have to suffer the consequences of their actions,” he said.

According to reports, the airline had to arrange hotel stays, travel to Crete airport and provide food and drink for more than 200 passengers and crew.

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