The priest was stabbed and set on fire by a troubled church participant he mentored

A Priest of Georgia He lost his life at the hands of an annoyed ex-prisoner whom he was advising.

Wednesday, May 18, Reverend. Marita Harrell There was mentoring Christopher Griggs, 27 In his house 1300 block of Panola Road. The priest was trying to help him get his life back on track after he had been in prison for so long. While they were together, Griggs attacked Harrell with a large kitchen knife, stabbing him to death. He then loaded his body into a van and took it to a remote location in the 1600 block of Coffee Road, where he set his body on fire. Harrell’s husband Antonio and daughter Marai He became anxious when he failed to return home after his tour with Griggs. They tracked his phone, which led them to discover his burning body.

Griggs is a former prisoner whose previous allegations included sexual harassment and the disguise of a police officer. Harrell’s family expressed concern about giving him advice. However 57 years old It seemed that it was his duty.

“She told me, ‘Antonio, God has put these people in my life. I can’t turn away from them,'” recalled her husband of 26 years.

Harrell was a senior pastor in connection with the Metropolitan United Methodist Church. They held a dedication ceremony for him on Sunday, honoring his work in the ministry. Longtime friend Reverend Dr. Michael T. McQueen told local news that Harrell was “doing what he liked to do.”

“That’s what makes it so sad,” McQueen added.

Griggs is currently there Decalub County Jail Apart from Bond, he has been charged with one count of brutal murder and one count of first-degree arson.

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