The quake revealed that he was in debt when he was next to Jamie Foxx

How much is the debt ???

2022 Comedy Laugh Fest

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Earthquake Sending a shockwave about him through social media Hundreds of clubs In the interview, he broke down the real reason Will Smith Slap Chris Rock (Mark 7:27), explaining why Eddie Murphy Better yet Richard Pryor (30:00 mark), and reveals that he was in debt for $ 3 million while living next door Jamie Foxx.

“I used to say to my ex-wife: ‘Listen, this guy has an Oscar.… We’ve got a dog named Oscar. You have to cut that, baby.’

Known for his ruthlessly honest but ridiculous brand comedy, Earthquake did not shy away from talking about Will and Zadar’s marriage.

“It’s a prime example of what happens when you love a woman who doesn’t love you and you’re still trying to verify. If she loved him she wouldn’t let him run there. If she loved him, she wouldn’t smile after him … “

For Jamie Foxx, well, she is currently headlining a photo of her sharing a kiss with a mysterious blonde while enjoying herself on a yacht in the south of France.

In another photo, Jamie and his mysterious cheek are seen enjoying a jet-ski ride with the power of a powerful honeymoon episode.

The mega-talented star is currently in France Cannes Film Festival Where she shared multiple flexes, including outstanding food and seafood buffets posted on her Instagram stories.

He also made time for his eldest daughter Corinne Fox That the parents of the daughter joined her father for some time in a restaurant.

You may recall a previous relationship with Jamie Katie Holmes It ended in May 2019 after six years together.

A few months later, he was seen holding the singer’s hand Sela Bhav Before shooting down dating rumors, claimed that their relationship was strictly professional.

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