The retired federal agent regularly chats online with the Buffalo shooter

The call is coming from inside the house again.

At least 10 people have been killed in a shooting in Buffalo, New York

Source: Kent Nishimura / Getty

Last week, BOSSIP reported earlier that Massive shooting at Buffalo Tops MarketThe The gunman invited more than a dozen people to a chat With details of the attack. Buffalo News The report said one of the 15 people invited to the alleged killer’s personal Discord server was a retired federal agent.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Why was an unidentified person shortlisted for a glimpse into a deadly terrorist plot? Law enforcement believes the former agent was one of six people in regular online contact with the suspect “in an online chat room where racist hatred was discussed.”

“Blue Lives,” White Hoods

Like annoying High numbers of other corrupt cops, He seems to have a lot in common with the white hegemony. Since authorities are still investigating what he knew and when he did, it is unlikely he was in that virtual cesspool to intervene or alert other members of the law enforcement agency. His expertise would be incredibly dangerous on hate-filled sites like 4chan, where several genocidal people have spent a lot online.

“They were like-minded people who used the chat group to talk about racial hatred, substitution theories, and their shared interests in hating Jews, people of color, or people of non-European descent,” said a senior official. The investigation “is particularly disturbing that these six men received advance notice of the Buffalo shooting, about 30 minutes before it happened.”

“The FBI has confirmed that none of these people called law enforcement to warn them about the shooting. The FBI database does not indicate any advance notice from anyone that this shooting is going to happen. “

FBI agents are currently tracking down and interviewing the six men, including one of them, to determine if they should be indicted as their accomplices. Sources have not yet revealed which federal agency hired the previously unnamed ex-agent. The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Buffalo declined to comment on the investigation.

Who is Sandman?

The FBI is also reportedly tracking down a confused consultant of the shooter. The long diary he wrote in private Discord Chat repeatedly referred to someone he called “Sandman” and “St. Sandman.” This mysterious man advised him about the various AR-15 semi-automatic rifle manufacturers and the good and bad of the quality. The suspect allegedly bought an AR-15 to carry out the massacre.

In a passage from the Discord Diary dated May 2, less than two weeks before the tragedy, he quoted Sandman’s cool advice. Judging by its wording, Sandman is just as likely to be the head of speaking Fox News or a GOP politician. Isn’t this kind of rhetoric very familiar?

“Finally, when the time comes to deal decisively with all the problems of society, and not to go to jail for it, you know. Just be prepared. You have spent your whole life, from the day you were born, to this very moment, reading this sentence, coming to where you are now. Look around you. Are you satisfied with where you are right now? Where do you want to be? If so, continue the procession. If not, what are you going to do? “

Law enforcement in the United States is once again proving that there are many bad apples because they are rotten.

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