The Ringling Brothers and Barnham and Bailey Circus are making a comeback but will not

“The Greatest Show on Earth” Coming Back! The Ringling Brothers and Barnam & Bailey The circus is being revived less than a decade after its end.

Iconic Traveling Circus is back again after stopping in 2017 due to declining ticket sales. The show will return in September 2023 but will not include some notable performances.

The elephants, tigers and other animals that were drawn in the crowd will not be part of the new show. The change may stem from a backlash from animal welfare groups over the years. Over the years, groups have criticized the circus for its unjust and cruel treatment of animals, especially its elephants.

Elephants have been the stars of the show for over 100 years. Huge creatures often performed various stunts throughout the show before being phased out in 2016. Many elephants now live in the Florida Wildlife Sanctuary.

A former Cirque du Soleil choreographer who is leading the new circus says the new show will incorporate the backstory of its actors to create a narrative throline.

The Ringling team is already working on their new production. They are currently auditioning but will not start rehearsals until next summer. The new circus show will begin in September 2023 and will begin its 50-city tour across North America.

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