The Stassi Schroeder is rumored to be the best seller in the New York Times

Stumpy Schroeder of the Pump Rules responded to the New York Times' demand to buy his way into the list of best sellers, explaining the potentially suspicious bulk order.

Stacy Schroeder The New York Times is responding to rumors surrounding his status as a best-selling author.

Later it is suspected that Vanderpump rules The second book in the album, Off My Head: The Definitive Basic B-Teach Handbook to Surviving Rock BottomAfter a series of potentially dubious bulk orders landed on the New York Times list of best sellers, Stacey addressed the issue in her podcast.

“I’m kidding because I can’t afford to marry 200 people, but can I buy thousands of books?” Stassi surprised by the latest episode Good, bad, and childrenHe agreed to the response he had received after not being invited Pump rules Throw members from him and Beau ClarkMay wedding in Rome, Italy.

According to Stacey, questions were raised about his name and the dagger icon seen next to the book’s title – although his first book, Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Beach HandbookHe received the same title as other publications on the list shared last month

“I thought, funny, I thought the dagger was a symbol of Simon and Schuster. This is what I have been thinking for the last three years of my life. So when I see people saying [I tricked my way onto the list] I said ‘what?’ I immediately called my publishers and I thought, ‘What is this? Why are people saying this? ‘”Stacey remembered. “And they go, ‘The New York Times puts a knife next to the list.’ So they’re not saying you bought it your way. Like this, anyone can have it. “

While the dagger may be an indicator of deception, Stacey said the unexpected bulk orders in her book were not the result of her getting her way on the list. Instead, they were the result of the events he hosted at the time of its release.

“I signed a premiere live with only 200 people. To see it and ask questions, you had to buy a book. We hope there will be only 200 people. We think 900, either more than 900 or less than 900 people. So Premier Live had to buy a lot and that’s why there’s an F-King dagger. Also, I’ve signed the book. You have to buy a bunch of books to sign a book, and I’ve had thousands of people come to my one in Illinois, “he explained.

Understandably, Stacey was frustrated by the speculation.

“I was thrilled to find out how much I worked on this book and how much time and thought and effort I put into it and when I made that list because it was, ‘Wow, I did it.’ And then when I got back home I saw people trying to take it and trash it… I succeeded on my own. “

As Stacey revealed, his team was wiped out in June 2020 after a shooting Pump rules, Which came after he found himself in a racist scandal So when it came to releasing the second book, she did so with her assistant and her husband.

“And when I made the New York Times list of the best sellers again, it was a moment like, ‘Wow, I can do anything without all these people helping me.’ I did it on my own, and it felt like a great achievement, “he admitted.

In early May, after the list of best sellers was released, Stacey shared a video responding to the news.

Also, Stacey added, “Most of the books on that list have daggers because they’re doing something like live signing or premier signing. That’s it. That’s how it literally works. “

Stacey also went to her Instagram page on June 3 to share more photos of her wedding in Rome.

Vanderpump rules In May, Bravo renewed for the 10th season.

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