The Supreme Court has blocked Texas law that censors social media

The Supreme Court Buckled down and a pending block Texas Laws that regulate social media censorship. The law prohibits online platforms from limiting users’ political views.

After the arguments of tech and social media companies, 5-4 verdicts come. The law will violate the first amendment of a person, which is freedom of speech. Texas law would allow Texas and the state of Texas to sue companies that “censor” an individual based on their views, ban them, discriminate against them, and remove their posts.

Although it is now blocked, it has moved to the 5th U.S. Circuit of the Court of Appeal.

Matthew Schwartz, president of the computer and communications industry, filed the petition, saying, “We encourage that this attack on First Amendment rights be stopped until a court can fully evaluate the response to the unimaginable Texas law.”

According to PoliticoHB20, “Social media companies can drastically change the way they operate by restricting their freedom on their platforms and forcing platforms to justify the decisions they make in countless posts a day.”

Florida has a similar law, SB 7072, which the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled was “grossly unconstitutional” and violated the First Amendment. In addition, similar bills have been introduced in Michigan and Georgia.

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