The teenager shot his father while he was sleeping, stole a car, then fled the state

A Teenager After his father was shot and killed, he was released from captivity and fled the state after an argument against him. Bedtime

Is shooting Wednesday, May 11, In a house in Forest Park, Ohio. The police responded at the house Holgate Drive One after midnight 17 year old girl Call 911 To report that his 15 year old honest brother Shot his father. The girl told police that six people were inside the house at the time of the shooting, including A. 5 year old child. During the confrontation between the father and the son, the rest of the occupants of the house hid upstairs in fear of the armed boy. He further confirmed that his honest brother had shot his father because he had given him time to sleep. The father was shot in the abdomen and was rushed to hospital University of Cincinnati Medical Center. He is expected to recover.

The 15 years old He fled the house before police arrived and walked to a nearby business, where he stole a car. He drove Lexington, Kentucky, Where his mother lives. Police tracked him down, where he surrendered peacefully. Around 5:00 p.m., deputies recovered the gun used in the crime inside his mother’s home.

During his court hearing Monday In the morning, the teenager, along with his defense attorney, mother and older brother, requested that Hamilton County Juvenile Court Magistrate Elizabeth Ego Set him free His mother told him to return to his home in Lexington. Six months ago he moved in with his father and stepmother, though it is not clear why. However, speaking from a hospital bed, her father was adamant that the 8th grader was no longer welcomed into her home.

“She can’t be with me, Your Honor. It’s a lot more self-explanatory to see where I am, “Dad said. He added that the judge wanted to detain his son because of the nature of the crime. Ego ruled that the teenager could only be left to a guardian in Hamilton County, where the crime took place, dismissing his mother as an alternative.

Hamilton County Assistant Juvenile Court Prosecutor John Halvonik He also asked the court to detain the teenager.

Set for another court hearing for Igoe Tuesday, May 24 If he is bound, give the family time to build a stable home for him. His mother and brother continue to say that the boy is not a “bad kid” but that he has problems.

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