The third round of the At-Home Covid-19 Test is being distributed free to Americans

The federal government is offering free Covid-19 Checks Americans For the third time, and they can order online at

According to the website, US Postal Service Will distribute eight free rapid antigen tests at any U.S. residence that requests them. This brings the total number of tests available per family to sixteen.

The site was launched on Monday for a free third-round test, without prior notice. White House It will be official on Tuesday, but the site was already up and running and taking orders.

In the last two weeks, covid cases in the United States have increased by 60% and hospital admissions have also started to increase. According to a White House fact sheet, “Since the highly contagious submarines of Omicron have increased cases in some parts of the country, free and accessible testing will help slow the spread of the virus.”

The administration has been punished for not giving adequate tests to families if someone is infected with covid. Officials have previously said they are waiting to see how strong the claim is.

The White House claims that 350 million tests have been sent to 70 million households or more than half of the country’s homes since the program began.

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