The U.S. Marine Corps has received an online response after posting a tweet celebrating its pride.

The Marine CorporationS is facing online reactions after posting a picture of a combat helmet with rainbow bullets in his honor. A month of pride.

On the first day of June, which is recognized as the beginning of the month of pride in the country, the Twitter account of the US Marines posted a tweet honoring the month.

“Throughout June, USMC is proud to recognize and honor the contributions of our LGBTQ service members. We are committed to building a non-discriminatory environment and uphold the values ​​of treating everyone equally, with dignity and respect, ”read the tweet. Accompanying the tweet was a photo of a soldered hat with rainbow-colored bullets on the strap of the hat. The phrase “proud of service” was written on the straps.

Critics did not take time to condemn the post with their comments.

“Civil war is not something that Marines are made to fight. You represent all Americans, not just walk socialists, by creating weapons of sexual orientation to attack the traditional nuclear family and Christian values. Be patient, yes. A party champion in a cultural debate? Not your mission, “wrote a Twitter user in response to the tweet.

“Being killed by a rainbow bullet is so progressive,” said another Twitter user.

But one person noted that the U.S. Marines accept most of the holidays as a wake-up call. “Did you have a problem with their other tweets acknowledging the holidays that Marines can celebrate?” The Twitter user added a video from a tweet posted by the Marines. The tweet was from 2019 when the U.S. Marines celebrated Easter.

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