The viral clip captures the moment Ted Cruz is confronted after the NRA speech. [Video]

The moment a worker faces Texas Sen is captured in a viral video Ted Cruz At a restaurant a few hours after his speech at the National Rifle Association convention in Houston.

After a few days the clashes subsided Salvador RamosAt least 19 children and two teachers have been killed in a shooting at a school in Uvalade, Texas.

“Why did you talk tonight?” Benjamin Hernandez Cruz asked. “Why are you here to get blood money at the convention? Why, when 19 children died? 19 baby deaths! It’s in your hands! ”

The clip shows security pulling Hernandez off the cruise and pulling him out of the frame. Cruz apparently removed him and sat down at his table.

Hernandez is part of the indivisible Houston and ran for Congress in 2018. He ran to represent the 9th Congressional District of Texas, which covers parts of Houston.

Hernandez was able to engage the senator by posing for a photo. After the photo was taken, he immediately asked Cruz why he did not support more stringent background checks when buying a gun.

Cruz insisted that the background check could not stop the shooter. Instead, he suggests that the bill may be what he raised. However, Hernandez cut Cruz. From there the situation escalated and then security intervened.

After the exchange, Hernandez took Cruz to Twitter to call more. “They can do anything, but they don’t want to,” he wrote. “So let them have it.”

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