The winner of ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 7 has been revealed to be this R&B body

Masked singer With T-Pain, Wayne Brady, Kandi Burruss, and many more to join, crowning another winner, season 7 has officially ended.

Fox's The Maxed Singer - Season Two

Source: Fox / Getty

Wednesday night’s finale was packed with five great performances, two elimination rounds and three releases in an hour’s time.

First there was Prince, who started it all with Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” performance. This was followed by Firefly, ending the first round with Usher’s “Bad Girl” and Ringmaster Sarah Beryless’s “Gravity”.

When it was first dropped, fans learned that it was Prince who would not go ahead. They are revealed to be actor and singer Cheyenne Jackson. With Jackson out of contention, Ringmaster and Firefly had to fight back. Firefly has performed a song by Robin Thick, “Lost Without You”, where ringmaster Katy Perry has performed a very hilarious performance of “Waking Up in Vegas”.

In the end, Firefly was crowned the winner, apparently overwhelmed with emotion, telling Canon, “It feels so good,” because he choked on hearing. Before the big disclosure, the judges guessed who was under the mask of the firefly; Nicole Scherzinger speculated that Monica and Ken Jiang went with Alicia Keys, both wrong. Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and Robin Theick eventually got it, both suspecting R&B singer-songwriter, actress and model Tiana Taylor.

See Taylor’s sensitive revelations below:

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