The woman refused to leave the flight on charges of racism and homosexuality

A couple who allegedly racist and homosexual abuse while on a flight is going viral after being recorded on video.

“The couple is racist and the gay slurs will not leave West Palm Beach today. A free show to all on board ”is the name of the video Tick ​​tock User posted on the Charlotte Dalessio platform. In the video, viewers are seen talking to a white couple who appear to be flight attendants or flight security officers.

The woman tells the flight attendant, “You don’t like the words coming out of my mouth.” When the servant tried to speak, the woman spoke to him, “Freedom is dead.” The flight attendant then repeats that the couple is “coming” from the flight, to which he nods, “No, we’re not getting off.”

“Then you have to take everyone,” said the woman, adding that the flight attendant apparently went to the airport to take security.

“It’s ridiculous. Do you see what is happening in America? You didn’t like what he said, and now we’re getting off a plane, “the woman told a man next to the couple on the plane.

Throughout the situation, the woman was heard making random remarks such as “You guys, we’re going to become China,” and explaining her appreciation to Elon Musk, who has recently been outspoken about the right to freedom of speech. He even told the passenger that he was going to sue her for calling them for their alleged racist and gay comments. He further added that they were being removed from the flight because they were supporters of Trump and mentioned that they were not receiving the “F ***” vaccine.

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