There is controversy on social media about Gina Huynh and Yung Miami Diddy

After making it clear that he is in love with “Love”, an on-the-off-front fling of a rap mogul is rumored to be arguing with his current boo.

Gina Huynh had a verbal fight with City Girl Young Miami on social media today when Gina made it clear that she was at the Billboard Music Awards for supporting DD.

Gina Wei Huin and Young Miami

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Miami, previously reportedly associated with DD for several months, is now clearly present with her rap partner JT.

2022 Billboard Music Awards - Show

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But Gina posted on social media, “Baby Daddy Hosting Billboards” with a heart-eye emoji.

She posted another video of herself cheering and chanting, “Love! Love! Love!” At Diddy as he closes the show.

On Tuesday, he followed with a New The post captioned, “Love, Love, Love”, showing herself at the awards ceremony, clearly indicates her relationship with the Bad Boy Mogul who officially adopted Monica, Shawn. Love Comb.

Gina’s recent post explicitly ticks Yung Miami who went on Twitter to give “this B ***” Gina some “attention”.

Somewhere near that time, Gina posted a picture of her kissing on the cheek in her Instory of the Bad Boy Records mogul, adding “If anyone draws attention, it’s you.”

Young Miami applauds Gina Huane back on Twitter, Jetty, and Sosi Santana Sand Shed

The feud continues on Twitter, and Miami adds fuel to the fire by tweeting about someone who “needs to be” humbled “” around-the-clock “. He also blasted Gina for being a “weird a ** b ***” and overshadowed her living arrangements – especially her cheap one *** lint ball carpet “.

Miami also shared some interesting retweets from her colleagues JT and Saucy Santana, who are obviously [and rightfully] By her side

Hit the flip for gin reaction in Young Miami.

Gina Shades Young with the Miami City Girls Post

Gina Huin called Miami [almost] Directly- asks “Mama why are you pressing so hard? I thought you were a city girl?”

That didn’t go so well for the model because Miami responded;

“I am and that’s why I love Yo N *** and how many pictures you post are not coming from IDC!”


Gina Huynh new music tease

Would it be a social media spot without some shameless publicity? Of course not.

In the midst of her fight with Miami, Gina teased a new track that sounds a lot like a disc record. It sounds a lot like he won’t sign Bad Boy Records, but it’s not here or there.

“I’ll just drive them crazy, but keep my business in mind and get a bag,” Gina raped. “Imagine me paying a little attention to one of them that these axes would be sad.”

****** sigh ********

The model later clarified that she is Vietnamese and black, so her n-word was used in the song. Fans still blasted her, however, not just for saying the n-word, but for using Miami.

Gina Huyn’s history with DD

Earlier it was reported that all this came after some serious allegations of Jinnah against DD in a 2019 interview.

“He was abusing me mentally, emotionally and physically,” she told Tasha K. “He always compared me to Cassie and told me I was bad, he was a good one.”

During one of the incidents, Gina claimed, “He took one of my heels and tried to throw it at me. She added that she offered him 50,000 50,000 for an abortion after she became pregnant in 2014.


Looks like this may start a war of words between the lady lovers of love ালে we will let you know if the so-called Eskimo sisters send more shadows.

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