“This is not Ritz Carlton.”

The Cobb County Sheriff’s Department Has responded to claims about Jail Condition rapper Young Thugs The rapper is currently being held hostage after referring to them as “authoritative”

Thagar, whose real name is Jeffrey Williams, was arrested last week after being involved in a huge gang charge. The police say Young Slim LifeWhich is established by the rapper, in fact A Criminal The road Team Responsible For Up Per 85% Of The Of the community Crime.

The thug’s lawyer Filed A Urgent Bail Request On Friday, Claim That The rapper Was Being Bound Inside An inhuman Concrete Cage With No. The window And Was No. Approved Per Bath Exercise, Or To talk With Anyone Others Than His Lawyer

She too Complaint Related No. Being Able Per Access The Media, Including Radio And Television

Prison officials this week responded to the allegations by saying, “This is a prison, this is a detention center. It’s not Ritz Carlton, so you have to recognize it, “said one prison official.

Inside The Jail The camera Was Limited, Although A reporter Did See Young Thugs Inside To separate But Was No. Approved Per To talk Per Him.

The rapper Is One Of Seven Prisoners Being Detention Inside Alone Captive

Williams Is Being Held Inside To separate For His Own Protection, According to Per Jail Officials

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